March 27, 17
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Exposing The Generational Content Gap: Three Ways to Reach Multiple Generations

With more people of all ages online than ever before, marketers must create content that resonates with multiple generations. Successful marketers realize that each generation has unique expectations, values and experiences that influence consumer behaviors, and that offering your audience content that reflects their shared interests is a powerful way to connect with them and inspire them to take action. ... Read More »

Nokia Launches Localised Data Centre Service for Telecom Firms

Finnish telecoms equipment maker Nokia launched a new localised data centre service for mobile network operators on Monday, enabling the operators to better compete with the likes of Amazon and Google in providing internet services.Nokia said it will offer cloud-based data centres running on Intel Corp’s platform to network operators seeking to contend with the soaring growth in mobile data ... Read More »

Uber Targeted by Canada’s Largest City Amid Cabbie Protest

Taxi drivers packed a courtroom in Canada’s largest city on Monday as Toronto stated its case for the Uber ride-sharing service to be regulated like the traditional cab companies with which it competes.Toronto is seeking an injunction to halt Uber’s operations unless the San Francisco-based company and all its drivers are licensed. Uber is fighting for legal status worldwide, one ... Read More »

Intel’s Purchase of Altera Defends Its Data Centre Dominance

Intel’s $17 billion purchase of programmable chip maker Altera is a costly defensive move to ward off rivals in the prized data centre business it dominates, analysts said on Monday.Intel’s biggest acquisition ever will let the Santa Clara, California company offer twice the computing power when its Xeon processors used in servers are combined with Altera’s programmable chips. With a ... Read More »

Instagram ‘Reopens Account’ Dedicated to Iran’s Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

Photosharing service Instagram on Monday reopened an account dedicated to Iran’s revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, days after having closed it in the runup to the 26th anniversary of his death.The @EmamKhomeini account, which published rare or unseen photos of the Islamic republic’s founder, had 100,000 followers before it was removed in late May. “Instagram in an email announced the ... Read More »

Japanese Government Seeks to Reassure Public Over Pension Data Leak

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government sought on Tuesday to assure the Japanese public their pensions were not at risk after a big data leak, an incident with echoes of a scandal that helped oust Abe during his first term in office.The leak, underscoring what critics have long charged is Japan’s vulnerability tocyber-attacks, coincide with Abe’s push to legislate a big ... Read More »