March 27, 17
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3 mobile games that help you get things done

  Let’s face it: some of the tasks we do every day are pretty mundane. Maybe even downright boring. Yet, we still have to do them. Whether it’s checking email and making sure we’ve responded to all of the appropriate messages, or remembering to write that daily report every single day, there’s a lot of stuff do to. But staying ... Read More »

Cyber-Bullying Less Distressing for Kids Than Previously Thought

Contrary to the popular belief, children may find cyber-bullying that starts and stays online emotionally less harmful than traditional in-person harassment, a new research has found.Many researchers and advocates have assumed that technology-based bullying would be particularly damaging to victims because online harassers can post pictures or videos, anonymously and to large audiences, and because the aggression can reach the ... Read More »

Delhi Metro Gets Its First Driverless Train

The Delhi Metro on Thursday received its first train which is capable of running without a driver.Manufactured at Changwan in South Korea, the new-age train that arrived at the Mukundpur depot in New Delhi will eventually run unattended, guided by Delhi Metro’s operations control centres, a statement said. The train arrived by sea at the Mundhra port in Gujarat and ... Read More »

Younger Version of Our Solar System Found Around Nearby Star

An international team has discovered a young planetary system that shares remarkable similarities to our own early solar system.The images reveal a ring-like disk of debris surrounding a Sun-like star, in a birth environment similar to our Sun. The disk appears to be sculpted by at least one unseen solar system-like planet, is roughly the same size as our solar ... Read More »

First Apple HomeKit Devices Launched Ahead of WWDC 2015

Days before the onset of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), companies have launched their first device that will be HomeKit-compatible and available to buy soon. HomeKit, Apple’s framework for home automation and IoT devices to work with its ecosystem, was introduced at last year’s WWDC conferencealongside the iOS 8 SDK. Since that time, manufacturers have been working to have their ... Read More »

22 Ways to Increase Site Speed, Performance and Security to Improve Customer Trust

This is the fifth and final post in our #SellMore series around Conversion Rate Optimization. We’ve explained why conversion rate is important for ecommerce, how to uncover and optimize your conversion funnel, how to retarget and re-engage those conversions you’re losing, and offered 25 tipson how to improve conversions right now. This week, we’re continuing to help you fine-tune your ... Read More »

6 Actionable SEO SEO

Technical SEO has clearly been one of the pillars that enabled many businesses to thrive in the information age. With 3.5 billion searches being made each day (which is still stirring towards a consistent growth pattern); it only proves how more significant – and more competitive – search optimization will be for many businesses in the years to come. SEO, ... Read More »

11 Types of Content That People Love To Share Read more at

Content marketing is about attracting attention. Then it’s about turning that into engagement and converting that into leads and customers. The ultimate goal is to create such loyal fans and advocates that they rave about you online and offline. That’s when the real magic happens. You only have to look at Apple that has its customers waiting in lines for 48 ... Read More »