March 27, 17
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Report: Huawei confirms it’s building the next Nexus phone

More signs point toward China-based Huawei as the company behind a new Nexus smartphone.   A Huawei employee confirmed the company is already working on the device, according to an IBTimes UK report. If so, it would be the first go at a Nexus phone for Huawei, which would has been steadily trying to build its presence in the U.S. market. ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy J5 appears in a bevy of leaked photos

A bevy of photos showcasing the yet to be announced Samsung Galaxy J5 made the rounds online. The affordable smartphone is expected to debut at some point in the near future. The latest photos of the upcoming mid-ranger fall right in line with the images we saw of it from itsTENAA visit in China. Samsung Galaxy J5 will feature a ... Read More »

SwiftKey hack puts over 600 million Samsung phones at risk

NowSecure has reported about a critical vulnerability in the keyboard software that comes pre-loaded on Samsung Galaxy series phones. If exploited, a hacker can gain access to the phone, remotely monitor it, install malware, or even steal personal data. As per the report, over 600 million Samsung smartphones that have SwiftKey keyboard pre-loaded have been exposed. Ryan Welton, mobile security ... Read More »

Airbus is making internet-beaming satellites, just like SpaceX

Airbus is officially throwing its hat into the ever more crowded “internet from space” arena. Yesterday at the Paris Air Show, the aircraft-manufacturing company announced it will be designing and manufacturing 900 internet-beaming satellites for OneWeb Ltd, the global information project funded by Richard Branson. The satellites could launch as early as 2018, forming OneWeb’s constellation that will provide LTE, 3G, ... Read More »

Hands-on: Windows 10 Mobile build 10136 shows polished Cortana, new Photo app

Microsoft claims the latest version of its Cortana digital assistant within build 10136 of Windows 10 Mobile is nearly complete, and it shows. It launches quickly, provides a comprehensive view of your day, and sparkles, fresh and clean. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite as impressed with the rest of it. Microsoft released the latest build of Windows 10 Mobile on Wednesday, ... Read More »

Microsoft: Cortana is coming to Android in July

  Competition is good, but what if that competition means you have to make a choice between digital assistants? You’ll have the luxury of experiencing this dilemma later this summer. Microsoft announced it’s bringing Cortana to Android as soon as July. Android users will be able to download a beta version of Microsoft’s digital assistant from the Google Play Store. It ... Read More »