March 27, 17
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Moving to Bangalore – A Beginner’s Guide


Bangalore, as a city, has seen tremendous growth in the past couple of decades thanks to the information technology and surging employment opportunities. Any such development would compel a major proportion of the workforce to relocate to the place of employment, which in our case forms an important discussion of finding a home for any newcomer to Bangalore. When moving ... Read More »

Different Supplements For Different Health Issues


Life has become so unpredictable these days. One time you see a person healthy as ever, and the other moment you come to know that he is suffering from grave health issue. With all the oily and sweet foods around, it is really difficult to stay away from them because of their delicious nature. But, it is something that everyone ... Read More »

Organize your various entertainment accessories


House is built with the main aim of providing luxuries and necessities to family members. You must have heard of the fact “no play makes the jack, a dull boy” very well emphasize on the importance of entertainment. We collect all the necessary things in our house which makes our life enjoyable and comfortable. Presently entertainment had become a need ... Read More »

5 Care Tips for a Greener Lawn

Now that spring is officially here and things are starting to thaw out, it’s time to evaluate your lawn situation. Here are 5 ways to make sure that your lawn stays the healthiest it can. Don’t over-fertilize. It can be easy to think that the more fertilizer you use, the healthier your grass will grow. In fact, too much of one of ... Read More »

5 Improvements That Could Hurt Your Home Sale

Unless you’re planning to stay in your home for years and years to come, there are some improvements that you’d be better off not making. Here are five you might want to reconsider: Adding a swimming pool. If you and your family are pool people, then that’s great—but don’t assume all potential buyers will be, too. Pools require a lot ... Read More »

Remove Common Carpet Stains with These Tips

No carpet stays pristine forever. If yours is even a couple years old, odds are pretty good that it already has a few battle scars from its war with reality. First, it’s important to outline the basic removal techniques. When the spill is fresh, blot at it with a cloth or paper towel, working from the outside edges in. Rinse ... Read More »

4 Ways to “Remodel” on the Cheap

Between the money and time commitment involved, a full-scale remodel sometimes just isn’t practical. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hold off on sprucing up your home.  There are plenty of ways to make a room feel different without breaking the bank, or asking your contractor to move in. Here are 4 suggestions: Get a new storage system ... Read More »

Five Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

Like most people, you’ll probably buy several houses over your lifetime. And with each sale, you anticipate walking away with a profit, but this doesn’t always happen. Home values in the neighborhood can depreciate, and if your equity takes a hit, this affects the resale value of your property. Fortunately, there are several things you can do while living in ... Read More »

Delhi boy grabs whopping Rs 1.27 crore pay offer from Google

New Delhi: Google has made a whopping placement offer to a student of the Delhi Technological University (DTU). As per the Times of India, Delhi’s Chetan Kakkar has been given an offer of $1,90,000 (Rs 1.26 crore approx) per annum from the search giant. Chetan is a final year student at DTU’s information technology department. He will move to California ... Read More »

 ‘Indian higher education commendable in creating leaders’

Coimbatore: The Indian higher education system is a sort of hybrid with more or less equal participation from government and private players and would benefit exponentially if both start complementing each other in their respective roles, Chairman and Managing Director of Skoda Auto India Ltd, Sudhir Rao, said here on Wednesday. Stating this at the National Higher Education Conclave 2015, ... Read More »