March 25, 17
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Now is your Chance to Reach out to Millions of Apple TV Users

The story of Apple TV is an interesting one. Unlike the iPhone or the iPod, it took Apple TV awhile to get its brand recognition out there. Digital media is now ubiquitous, but for a long time, personal computers and cellphones dominated accessibility for how we engaged with digital media. But in true Apple fashion, they weathered the storm and ... Read More »

HP Promises Fix for Printer Software Update That Barred Ink From Third-Party Suppliers

HP Inc. has apologized to customers for a software update that made some of its printers stop working with ink cartridges from competing suppliers, even if the printers had accepted the same cartridges in the past. The apology comes after critics complained HP had over-reached by interfering with its customers’ right to choose ink suppliers. Critics also warned it could ... Read More »

Salesforce to Urge Regulators to Scrutinise Microsoft’s LinkedIn Acquisition, months after losing out on a bid for LinkedIn, is urging regulators to scrutinize Microsoft’s acquisition of the social network, alleging that the deal would pose a threat to competition and privacy. Salesforce plans to tell US and European antitrust officials it has concerns about the combination, Chief Legal Officer Burke Norton said in a statement Thursday. The $26.2 ... Read More »

Why is Android the leading platform in online gambling?

In a previous article we’ve taken a look at the share of mobile operating systems among those engaged in online gambling in one form or another. The numbers are clear: they show that online gambling is much more popular among Android users, which leads with 64%, Apple trailing behind in the stats with a much smaller percentage. But, aside from ... Read More »

EA Explains FIFA 17 Player Ratings

FIFA 17’s player ratings are determined by 9,000 data reviewers These include coaches, scouts, and season ticket holders The league a player is in also determines his rating FIFA 17 might not have had the warmest of critical receptions but that rarely dampens the series’ commercial success. This year appears to be no different what with retailers selling copies early. ... Read More »

Google 4K Chromecast Ultra Dongle’s Leaked Images Show a New Logo

Chromecast Ultra will reportedly cost $69 It will be sold along with Google’s Chromecast 2 The dongle will be launched by Google on October 4 At its October 4 launch event, Google is surely going to introduce numerous hardware and, of course, its flagship smartphone duo of Pixel and Pixel XL. After the early reports suggesting Google may also launch ... Read More »

Xiaomi Mi 5s Camera Samples Shared Ahead of Launch; Smartphone to Sport Ceramic Body

Xiaomi shares sample pictures taken from smartphone Mi 5s Smartphone will have fingerprint scanner and ceramic body Earlier reports claimed smartphone will be named ‘Mi Note S’ Xiaomi’s upcoming smartphone, expected to be launched at company’s event on Tuesday, is becoming a mystery with each passing day. Some reports recently claimed that smartphone named ‘Mi Note S’ will be launched ... Read More »

Facebook Inflated Key Video Advertising Metrics for 2 Years

Facebook inflated video advertising metrics by between 60 and 80 percent The company did not include views that lasted less than three seconds Facebook is fixing the issue by introducing two new metrics Facebook may have angered a lot of ad buyers and marketers. According to a recent report, Facebook grossly overestimated the average viewing time for video ads on ... Read More »