March 25, 17
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Important Cybersecurity Measures for Remote-Based Businesses

Today, over 3.7 million Americans wake up and log on their computers to start their work day. This is how some businesses operate in the 21st century. The convenience, cost, and effectiveness of remote working have enabled most businesses to adopt this model in furtherance of their business objectives. In a 2016 study by the Global Workplace Analytics, over 50% ... Read More »

DNA Sequenced for the First Time in Space Aboard ISS

DNA Sequenced for the First Time in Space Aboard ISS: Nasa Nasa has successfully conducted the first genome sequencing in space aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The ability to sequence the DNA of living organisms in space opens a whole new world of scientific and medical possibilities, Nasa said. For the first time ever, DNA was successfully sequenced in ... Read More »

Playing games on Smartwatches – a trend?

Back in the day, no one thought that SmartWatches would ever exist. Inventions like this, and other similar items, or relegated to our favorite sci-fi TV shows and movies. But, as is commonplace, art tends to imitate life. So it’s not surprising, that the immense popularity of mobile devices has paved the way for mobile watches that we can use ... Read More »

3 Immediate Benefits CRM Adds To Your Online Store


It’s not unusual for businesses to rely on customer relationship management software (CRM). But up until recently, ecommerce stores rarely used such software to nurture and to vet leads. Primarily, this was because such software had little to offer the online business. However, much has changed in this arena in recent years, with newer ecommerce CRM solutions changing the way ... Read More »

Merits and Demerits Of Mobile-Based Virtual E-wallet

Mobile payments model in India is currently in vogue with those big to small companies giving tough competition to each other and aiming to get a huge chunk of sales or revenue that will ultimately be like a feather in their cap. This sector has a lot of hope and the same amount of expectations that some of the recharge ... Read More »

How to Hack Forgotten Windows 10 Password in 3 Easy Steps

Lost your Windows 10 password after unused for a long time? Bought a second hand laptop but sadly found it was locked with a password? Is there any efficient way to hack Windows 10 login password? Here we would recommend you try SmartKey Windows Password Recovery. It is one of the most powerful Windows 10 password hacker, which can effectively help you ... Read More »

Why to choose EaseUS Partition Master Free


Handling space issue over your Pc has become a major issue these days and looking for software that can handle data, free space without harming your data stored is a tough task. Market is packed with such companies who are eager to offer you their products. The products though seems to be too promising in the early stage but later ... Read More »

Ather Energy to Begin Test Drives for Its Smart Scooter in India

India’s first premium electric smart scooter will soon be available for test drives by October or November this year, as the Bengaluru-based automotive startup Ather Energy gears up for the launch of its first scooter in 2016. Ather Energy’s first scooter, the S340, has received thousands of enquiries on its website, and will offer a test drive to potential customers ... Read More »