March 27, 17
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Microsoft: Cortana is coming to Android in July

  Competition is good, but what if that competition means you have to make a choice between digital assistants? You’ll have the luxury of experiencing this dilemma later this summer. Microsoft announced it’s bringing Cortana to Android as soon as July. Android users will be able to download a beta version of Microsoft’s digital assistant from the Google Play Store. It ... Read More »

Adobe Brings Photoshop Mix, Brush CC, Shape CC And Color CC To Android

Adobe launched four new Android apps today (slightly ahead of schedule). While the company has long offered iOS tools for popular apps like Photoshop, Lightroom and others, it has generally not made these services available for Android. Starting today, however, Creative Cloud subscribers can also use Photoshop Mix, Brush CC, Shape CC and Color CC on Google’s platform. According to Scott Morris, Adobe’s senior marketing director ... Read More »

Adobe brings its handy mobile design apps to Android

Back in October, Adobe delivered a new suite of mobile apps to iOS devices. Keeping its promise to include the Android faithful as well, the company’s Photoshop Mix, Color CC,Brush CC and Shape CC are now available for download over at Google Play. Creative types running Google’s mobile OS on their devices can expect to easily transform a photo taken ... Read More »

Windows 7 mainstream support ends

  Late last week a report surfaced suggesting that BlackBerry might load one of its new phones with Android. The company isn’t going to entirely switch to Google’s platform and has already said that it’s dedicated to BlackBerry 10, but that had me thinking: What if BlackBerry really does launch an Android-powered smartphone? I’d be all in, and I’d probably ... Read More »

Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ Android app is hypocritical and its own store rules prove it

Take a peek at Apple’s App Store review guidelines and you’ll see why developers who make even passing mention to Android find themselves shut out. It’s crystal clear: Apps or metadata that mentions the name of any other mobile platform will be rejected. The rule recently led to a news reader app that innocently included an Android reference in one of its screenshots ... Read More »