March 27, 17
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‘Cooler Computers, Smartphones Using Graphene Film’

Almost half of the total energy used in running a computer goes in cooling it down. That is going to change now.Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, have developed a method for efficiently cooling electronics using graphene-based film. Getting rid of excess heat in efficient ways is imperative to prolonging electronic lifespan, and would also lead to a considerable ... Read More »

How to install the Android M preview on a Nexus device

The next major release of Android, code-named Android M, will bring a whole host of new features and enhancements. If you have a Nexus device can’t wait until the third quarter of this year to get your hands on Android M, you can try the developer preview now. It’s buggy and doesn’t have all the features yet, but since when ... Read More »

Kogan Updates Agora Line With Agora 4G Pro

Kogan’s latest budget Android phone features an octa-core processor and Android Lollipop for $299 plus shipping. While the headline Android devices command quite high prices, there’s no doubt that in the budget space there’s a lot of competition with only slight levels of variation. Kogan’s latest take on a budget Android phone is the Agora 4G Pro, a $299 5.2″ ... Read More »

Report: Huawei confirms it’s building the next Nexus phone

More signs point toward China-based Huawei as the company behind a new Nexus smartphone.   A Huawei employee confirmed the company is already working on the device, according to an IBTimes UK report. If so, it would be the first go at a Nexus phone for Huawei, which would has been steadily trying to build its presence in the U.S. market. ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy J5 appears in a bevy of leaked photos

A bevy of photos showcasing the yet to be announced Samsung Galaxy J5 made the rounds online. The affordable smartphone is expected to debut at some point in the near future. The latest photos of the upcoming mid-ranger fall right in line with the images we saw of it from itsTENAA visit in China. Samsung Galaxy J5 will feature a ... Read More »