March 27, 17
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Know all about the Brilliant and Stunning LG G5!


  There are a slew of mobile phones out in the market and consumers too are living in the advanced age of the internet where every information is easily available. Manufacturers have to make sure they listen to consumer demands to produce a phone to truly meet their requirements. While there are a host of generic options for consumers to ... Read More »

Best Selling Smartphones Fit your 15k Budget!

With the expansion of technology, smartphones have now become a gadget that can easily be afforded by a mass of population and are no longer an item of envy. While the budget spectrum varies greatly and smartphones are available at prices above 50 grand as well, you can now go in for a phone that won’t cost more than 15,000 ... Read More »

Securing  internet transaction using Two Factor authentication by OTP SMS

Information and data breaching have increased tremendously over the couple of years  impacting most of the industries. Observation says that securing organizational networks from the harmful threats have always been the major concern for the industry experts. No organization, whether  big or small is completely safe and secure when it comes to the security factor of information sharing networks. Different ... Read More »

Update Your Nexus 6P’s Style With A Customized Wrap


Move over LG, it’s time to make room for Huawei. Haven’t heard of it? You’re not alone, as most people aren’t familiar with this Chinese manufacturer before getting their own Nexus 6P; but Google chose well, as the two companies have come together to create the latest in Android technology. The only down side to this great mobile phone?It’s housed ... Read More »

Save Money on the Newest Cell Phones

Everyday there is a new gizmo or gadget coming out that people are dying to get their hands on. The thing is, these things cost money and, sometimes it can be a lot more money than people are willing to spend. It is always nice to own the newest, most wanted items, but this is something not everyone can do. ... Read More »

5 Best Mobile Shopping Apps 2015

Mobile commerce in India is growing at a productive proportion and this has become a trend these days. Guess why? It’s because the absolute growing opportunities that online e-commerce offers to a large number of people. In fact, when it comes to ease of use and convenience; mobile shopping sees rapid growth than desktop shopping. A recent research conducted on ... Read More »

How to Pick iPhone Case From Online


Apple is one of the best manufactures of mobile phones, laptops and computer, iPhone is one of the popular products. The iPhone 5 is a touch screen phone and so it needs high care to protect the expensive phone. The dust and scratches make dirty as well as it looks old there in the market, there are different models of ... Read More »

How to Integrate Bulk SMS API in JavaApplication?

Bulk SMS API allows application developer to integrate on their application and send the sms to all the numbers at one shot without login to their sms panel. Anyone can integrate the Bulk SMS API into their applications, software, website, etc., Through Bulk SMS API we can able to check the Status of the sent messages, Delivery report, and group ... Read More »

4 Best Samsung Phones to suit every pocket

If a Smartphone with the best specs, durability, and competitive pricing in various price ranges is what you are looking for, then look no further than the Korean electronics giant Samsung. Not only that, the phones have one of the best camera features in the market. Listed below is Samsung Mobile Price in India along with its technical specifications:- Samsung ... Read More »

Online mobile recharge- everything you should know

No matter how low or high your phone expenses are, everyone makes efforts to pay the minimum and get the maximum. However if you go to the recharge shops, you would see that you always get deducted amount of balance defined as the service tax or the vat charged. However this won’t be the case when you choose the option ... Read More »