March 27, 17
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Airbus is making internet-beaming satellites, just like SpaceX

Airbus is officially throwing its hat into the ever more crowded “internet from space” arena. Yesterday at the Paris Air Show, the aircraft-manufacturing company announced it will be designing and manufacturing 900 internet-beaming satellites for OneWeb Ltd, the global information project funded by Richard Branson. The satellites could launch as early as 2018, forming OneWeb’s constellation that will provide LTE, 3G, ... Read More »

Bing to start encrypting search traffic by default this summer

Microsoft will sharpen Bing’s security when it starts encrypting all of its search traffic by default this summer. Bing has offered HTTPS encryption for the past year and a half as an opt in feature, but now Microsoft will default to locking down everybody’s search queries. Providing encryption gives a new layer of protection to Bing users and helps guard ... Read More »

How to use Google Now cards: 7 tips for managing what they show you, when and why

Google Now and its “cards”—those bite-sized alerts, reminders, and personalized recommendations—are so prescient, they’re positively spooky. One such card might tell you that today’s the birthday of a close friend, while another might point out a news article that it somehow knew you’d want to click.Google Now cards may also alert you to traffic jams on the way home, thunderstorms in ... Read More »

Isro’s Mangalyaan Enters 15-Day Blackout Period on Monday

India’s Mangalyaan Mars mission spacecraft orbiter got ‘eclipsed’ early Monday with the Sun blocking the Earth from the Red Planet over the next 15 days, a senior space official said.”Orbiter has entered into a 15-day blackout period, as the Earth is blocked by the Sun from the Red Planet till June 22, snapping our communication links with it (spacecraft),” an ... Read More »

Shopping for Wave 2 Wi-Fi? Don’t rush into it

  The new world of Wi-Fi is a bit like the proverbial airplane being built in mid-air: Unless you really need to enter the new world of LANs right now, it might make sense to hold off. A case in point is the first 802.11ac Wave 2 access point from Cisco Systems, introduced on Tuesday in advance of the Cisco ... Read More »

Google teams with Adobe to reduce Flash use in Chrome

  Google and Adobe have teamed up to reduce Chrome’s battery usage by cutting down on the amount of Flash content the browser plays automatically. The new functionality, enabled by default in the latest beta release of Chrome, will automatically pause bits of Flash content the browser determines “arent central to the webpage.” Important items, like the main video on ... Read More »

Facebook Messenger dumps auto-location tracking for a pin drop

Facebook Messenger is making location sharing a little less creepy, with finer controls over when to divulge your whereabouts. Previously, Facebook Messenger used a location toggle that was enabled by default on Android phones, and required a one-time permission on iPhones. With the toggle turned on, every post would include location details automatically. Recipients could then view the sender’s location ... Read More »

How to Beat the Newest Facebook Algorithm Change

On April 21, 2015, Facebook announced another update to their News Feed algorithm. For Facebook users and page admins, this change means two different things. With the new algorithm, Facebook will try even harder to show usersa good mix of relevant and trending content from friends/family and the brand pages they follow. They’ll show you more posts they assume you ... Read More »

5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

Have you noticed a decline in your Facebook organic reach? Looking for ways to more effectively reach your audience? With changes to Facebook’s news feed algorithm, you’re facing increased competition to get your content in front of your fans. In this article I’ll show you five ways to improve your Facebook organic reach. How to Track Your Organic Traffic To ... Read More »