March 25, 17
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FileVid  – Facebook Video Downloader Review

After checking its functionalities and using facebook video downloader tool we can’t forget it to use every time when we need to download any Facebook videos. Introduction: FileVid is a free tool which provides facility to download Facebook videos at one place so you don’t need to find other blog for it. Facebook users can download each and every Facebook videos ... Read More »

Web Hosting made easy by Hosting Raja


As the environment of business is booming in the country, many entrepreneurs are turning towards having their own business in the online space. For this a lot of technical support is required along with a web hosting service. Hosting raja is a company that helps fledgling ventures in getting up their feet. What it’s about? Hosting Raja is a web ... Read More »

How to use Google Now cards: 7 tips for managing what they show you, when and why

Google Now and its “cards”—those bite-sized alerts, reminders, and personalized recommendations—are so prescient, they’re positively spooky. One such card might tell you that today’s the birthday of a close friend, while another might point out a news article that it somehow knew you’d want to click.Google Now cards may also alert you to traffic jams on the way home, thunderstorms in ... Read More »