March 27, 17
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Nest Cam leak shows a slicker, smarter Dropcam

Nest is holding a press conference next week, and it seems that a new security camera will be on the agenda. Droid-Life got its hands on leaked images of a new product, reportedly known as Nest Cam. It looks like a revamp of existing security cameras from Dropcam, which Nest acquired nearly one year ago. (Nest itself was bought by ... Read More »

Average cost of a 128GB SSD now just $50 for PC makers

  The average price that computer manufacturers pay for a 128GB solid-state drive (SSD) dropped to $50 in the second quarter, while the average price of a 256GB SSD plunged to almost $90, according to research from DRAMeXchange. Those prices are significant drops when compared to pricing in the first quarter of 2014, when a 128GB SSD had an average ... Read More »

Acer says Predator 8 gaming tablet primed for September launch

  Acer couldn’t keep the mystery around the launch of its highly-anticipated Acer Predator 8-inch gaming tablet bottled up for too long. The tablet could launch sometime in September, with a big event planned for Europe, said a representative at the Acer booth on the Computex show floor this week. The tablet was first shown on stage in April at ... Read More »

Microdia introduces microSD with laptop-sized storage

Last September, SanDisk announced a premium SD card with an insane 512GB of storage space. Now, flash storage maker Microdia has matched that–on a microSD. The Hong Kong-based company is showing off its ultra compact storage device at Computex this week. Such a massive amount of storage in something that’s about the size of a fingernail won’t come cheap. SanDisk’s ... Read More »