March 27, 17
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How one bad keystroke can lead you to SpeedUpKit ‘scareware’

Dozens of misspelled domain names that spoof major brands are leading unsuspecting PC users to a questionable tune-up application called SpeedUpKit. Since people are unlikely to seek out the application, its promoters rely partly on people misspelling the domain name for prominent brands to lead them to it. If you try to access the obituary website from a Windows ... Read More »

Raspberry Pi Foundation produces first official case for the micro PC

When the Raspberry Pi Foundation combined design, love, attention to detail, accuracy, iteration, and “damn hard work,” it came up with the first official Raspberry Pi case. The organization behind the popular micro PC recently announced a new enclosure designed for the Pi 2. The popular micro-PC, which sells for $35, famously comes with little else other than a circuit ... Read More »

How to create an insane multiple monitor setup with three, four, or more displays

Studies have shown that dual monitors can increase productivity, but the jury’s still out on whether adding even more monitors means even more productivity. That aside, having multiple monitors (and I’m talking three, four, five, or even six) is just…awesome, and something you totally need in your life. Right now, my main PC has a triple-monitor setup: my main 27-inch ... Read More »

How to take control of Dropbox sync

As a Dropbox user, you surely love having all your files available in the cloud—that is, until they end up on your computer. As convenient and comforting as it is to have your files automatically synced to your PC, it can cause problems with your storage space and internet connection speed if your Dropbox is stuffed like a junk drawer. ... Read More »

Toshiba will build a Cortana button into its Windows 10 laptops

Cortana will be one of the major features to come to Windows 10, and at least one PC vendor plans to treat her especially well. Toshiba’s Windows 10 laptops will feature a dedicated Cortana button, for launching Microsoft’s digital assistant from your keyboard. The Cortana key will be on all of Toshiba’s Windows 10 PCs—“across the board, top to bottom,” ... Read More »