March 25, 17
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Blogger Web Design Services

Web design is probably one of the most popular services nowadays. Since more people and businesses are appreciating the importance of being online, the next step is to have a website designed where they can show off what they offer as well as reach out to customers all over the world. specializes in web design services. We work hard ... Read More »

Google takes another swing at Excel with Sheets update

Google launched an updated version of its Sheets web app for spreadsheet editing on Monday, adding new capabilities that could help lure people away from Microsoft Excel. The updates include a feature that lets users preview the results of formulas as they type, so they can troubleshoot problems without leaving the cell they’re editing. Google says the new capability is ... Read More »

How to take control of Dropbox sync

As a Dropbox user, you surely love having all your files available in the cloud—that is, until they end up on your computer. As convenient and comforting as it is to have your files automatically synced to your PC, it can cause problems with your storage space and internet connection speed if your Dropbox is stuffed like a junk drawer. ... Read More »

What’s Happening At Google I/O 2015

The Google developer conference, Google I/O, is underway in San Francisco, featuring a lineup of design-focused content for developers and designers. Today is rounding out to be a showstopper, from Google Maps Offline to the Google Now enhancements and Apple Pay rival Android Pay. We swept the interweb to provide the best updates and news from the conference. Check out the ... Read More »

Use Social Media To Reach The Right Audience For Your Business

As a marketer, understand what your peers are doing on various social media platforms to maximize your business results. Social Media Examiner does the marketing community a great service by assessing how marketers use the top social media platforms. The survey for their 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report is emailed to their readers who help share it. 3,720 people took ... Read More »

7 Split Testing Myths That Ruin Your Tests

This confession has been a long time coming: I love split testing and conversion rate optimization. There… I said it! These two practices have been the main focal point of my entire professional career! In this post you are going to read a lot of things that might make it look like I hate split testing (I don’t!). It is ... Read More »