March 23, 17
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Tizeti is bringing wireless internet to urban Africa

Facebook and Alphabet have spent millions on internet-enabled drones, balloons, and other services to solve the last mile problem of connectivity in rural markets in developing nations, but that solves a problem that affects a smaller population than addressing connectivity in cities. Meanwhile, a new company called Tizeti, which is graduating from the latest batch of startups to come from Y Combinator, is proposing a ... Read More »

The hectic work of developing website made easier with python, MySQL and Django training

There are several training in the computer languages. All training has its different help you unlatch career life in the technology world, Python, MySQL And Django Training holds the primary key. These three computer languages assist in developing a robust web application. As the name suggests it’s the combination of 3 different languages and with every language giving its ... Read More »

How to be a perfect CSPO

A product must be projected to be successful and that can be done effectively through the help of a Product owner. In each investment there must be a proper ROI and that is ensured by a CSPO. Hence, you can understand the position of a CSPO in a company. Just go through the roles that you will be playing and ... Read More »

Google adds add-on support to Gmail

Here’s some welcome news for Gmail users: Google is adding support for third-party add-ons that can integrate directly into the service. There are plenty of services that add functionality to Gmail already, of course, but they typically do that through a browser extension. With this new capability, which Google announced at its Cloud Next conference in San Francisco today, users ... Read More »

Google’s Jamboard will cost $5,000, plus an annual management fee

Google’s delivering on its promise of keeping its interactive whiteboard under $6,000. Priced at $4,999, the Jamboard is just a hair more expensive than the 55-inch version of Cisco’s Sparkboard and considerably less so than the $8,999 Surface Hub, which was both the first of the trio to be announced and first to market when it started shipping last March. ... Read More »